December 25, 2019
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It’s nice that my family has grown closer as Kevin and I have grown up. In all honesty our relationship was incredibly strained early on as my parents pressured me to pick up “regular hobbies” like Kevin’s, practice more violin, and do better in school.

I ended up making a large deal with them which ended with my gaining significant independence. Ever since, my parents and my relationship has significantly improved, as we now interact as equals.


We all have incredible variation.

My father enjoys classical music, nature, and reading. He’s also fully content on his own. Growing up, all of our family vacations were nature-based thanks to him.

My mother on the other hand is extremely social. She cares deeply about tai chi and eastern medicine.

Kevin is your “true adventurer” who enjoys solo travel, beautiful views, and photography. Currently, he cares about sustainable architecture. You can easily see the similarities to my dad.

I’m a reasonable mix of both. I enjoy CS along with my dad, and we’re both interested in optimizing our lives – how can you find your purpose and maximize it? How can you spent your time efficiently? I also enjoy nature, though I’m far more interested in cities. In other ways however, I’m far more similar to my mom. She’s extremely social, as am I. She’s also fairly stubborn and argumentative, as am I.

kevin and dad