February 18, 2020
Reading Time: less than 1 minute

Some complaints.

  1. Heavenly isn’t very friendly to snowboarders. There are tons of flats. From California to Nevada (Skyline Trail), Round a bout, etc.
  2. I expect resorts to have internet connection or reliable wifi at lodges. They’re often a central place to meet up, and not having internet makes this loads more difficult.
  3. Nobody wants to end the day waiting for a gondola to bring them down, but Heavenly doesn’t have any runs from East Peak Lodge to Boulder Lodge. At California Lodge, there are no beginner friendly routes down.
  4. There aren’t many beginner friendly runs. The runs that are are also spread apart.

That said, there are some nice aspects as well.

  1. It’s close to Nevada, so gambling is allowed.
  2. They have powder house nearby, which has incredibly cheap rentals and great employees.
  3. They have one of the best views and challenging (imo) double blacks.