Life Advice

October 8, 2018
Reading Time: about 1 minute

Why Optimize Your Life?

Your life is arguably your most important resource. Without it, almost nothing matters. As such, it is imperative that everyone continuously reinvest in themselves. The first big question is: How do you know you’re investing in the right things? Randy Pausch discusses the importance of chasing your childhood dreams – the things that are initially and genuinely important to you, in his famous Last Lecture.

How do I sustain dreams?

Unfortunately, most people can’t just chase their dreams, but choosing between dreams and a career is a never-ending struggle that plagues many. Master Procrastinator Tim Urban covers key aspects to remain cognizant of as you pick your career.

Stop Wasting Time

Throughout everything, it’s important that you actually do real, deep work. Simply talking about an action without executing is useless. Cal Newport has optimized his life around doing deep work and has a variety of fantastic advice.

  • Keep your desk clean
  • Keep a TODO list
  • Evaluate why you’re doing each item

… and many other optimizations/study hacks.


Finally, one of my favorite ways to gain information about anything quickly is to talk to experts in said field. Here’s some good tips breaking into fields, from Haseeb Qureshi.