September 24, 2019
Reading Time: about 1 minute

This last weekend I want rafting with a bunch of colleagues. One employee went out of her way to plan out a 3-day trip for 100 people! Rafting consisted of the lower south fork and middle fork of the American river.

Previously, I’d only tried up to class 3 before, but the rapids for class 4 were a whole new ball game. The guides for this round were also significantly better than any others I’ve had. We surfed, did tricks with spinning off rocks and shifting the boat’s weight to one side, swam in the middle of eddies to spin, and many other fun rafting nuances I’d never heard of before.

The difference between each class of rapids is as follows. Class 1: no work required. Class 2: Mild rapids, no real work required. Class 3: Some rapids, maneuvering helpful. Class 4. Accuracy within several feet to navigate rapids. Class 5: Accuracy within inches to navigate rapids. Class 6: Literally will die.

Rapids are graded on the easiest route through them, but may have multiple ratings for specific lines taken.

Overall definitely a fantastic experience. Met some interesting people, had a phenomenal time rafting and learning about the guides’ lives.