Rylan/Vincent Cycling Eulogy

July 10, 2020
Reading Time: less than 1 minute

I’d like to take a moment of silence for our biweekly cycling trips. Once the highlights of my week, these trips gave me welcome reprieve from the mundane monotony of quarantine life. My stomach is forever grateful for all the burritos we picked up along the way and I will never forget the right turn - u turn - right turn combos. Nothing put a smile on my face quite like hearing about Rylan’s omniscient, perfect advisor or being continuously lapped by Rylan’s dad.

I’ll also miss your neglected little brother, “workout circuits at a nearby park”, who would push me to fantasize about being the type of person who’d do these workouts. That dream will never be realized, but only out of honor for our biweekly cycling trips, of course.

Rest in peace, biweekly Rylan/Vincent biking trips :(