Debugging Vim & Tmux

November 24, 2018
Reading Time: about 1 minute


  • ~/.tmux/resurrect stores the state files for resurrect and continuum
  • ~/.vim/views/* stores the states files for folds – primarily vim

Useful debugging tips:

Checking what actions are slowing vim down

  • :profile start profile.log
  • :profile func *
  • At this point, do the slow actions
  • :profile pause
  • noautocmd qall!
  • Source
  • This helps with solving the developer tools access problem with Conque-GDB
  • Best of Vim


Plugin Managers

  • Pathogen
  • Vundle - based off of Pathogen, manages installing and local storage, can do everything Pathogen can do
  • Vim
  • Vim Airline


  • syntax for most languages
  • indent for Python and HTML


  • ftplugin allows you to specify more specific settings per file(type)
  • set should be setlocal in these files, or these edge case settings will “leak” out.
  • to force reload ftplugin/*.vim files, use :set filetype=.