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Tour de Bay

My friends (Ping-ko, Andrew) and I recently finished a trip around the majority of the Bay Area!

Quarantine Metrics

Since quarantine’s really settled in, I’ve measured my time allocations from 6/16/2020 to 7/10/2020.

Whole 30

I’m starting Whole 30 today with my brother. I’m fairly excited to see

  1. How well we can keep each other consistent
  2. How much closer we get
  3. What foods I have a reaction to
  4. How sustainable this is

Rylan/Vincent Cycling Eulogy

I’d like to take a moment of silence for our biweekly cycling trips. Once the highlights of my week, these trips gave me welcome reprieve from the mundane monotony of quarantine life. My stomach is forever grateful for all the burritos we picked up along the way and I will never forget the right turn - u turn - right turn combos. Nothing put a smile on my face quite like hearing about Rylan’s omniscient, perfect advisor or being continuously lapped by Rylan’s dad.

Biking with Rylan's Dad

I learned several interesting things from Rylan’s dad today about biking (and from the ride in general)!

  1. You want to keep your cadence around 80-100 rpm. Doing so allows you to burn different glycogen energy stores that you’ve consumed, not stored. This allows you to use stored energy for “kicks” of speed later and releases slower lactic acid buildup.
  2. He loves pacelines/drafting – he and a few other guys can sustain 30+mph for hours; it allows him to save around 30% of his energy when drafting. It’s “the best feeling in the world”, and obviously so. He’s previously sustained multiple injuries and keeps coming back.

Effective Altruism



This is for general notes on AI

80000 Hours

This is a website created to help you figure out how to have the most impact with your time.

Github hates Jekyll

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I want to manage my data and my notes. I’ve previously used Roam Research and Notion, but I’m scared that those might someday force me to pay or worse, lose my data. I’ve decided to instead create a clone of the features I enjoy here so I can just put all my notes online and access them whenever. The downside is that I can’t modify them on mobile, but I’m okay with that loss.

Fried Rice





Roam Research

Roam Research recently moved to a paid model. Not that I don’t support their product, it’s quite good, but it’s pushing me to realize that I can’t rely on other products to always behave the same or have my best interests at heart. They did, however, bring up a really good idea – that our thoughts are inherently graph-structured and keeping our notes in a similar fashion makes sense.


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